X and Y Invested in a Business. They Earned Some Profit with which They Divided in the Ratio of 2:3. If X Invested Rs. 40000, the Amount Invested by Y is?

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X and Y invested in a business.

They (X and Y) divide the profit earned in the ratio 2:3.

This question is quite easy as investment of X is given i.e. Rs. 40000.

Now, ratio of profit equals the ratio of investment, it overt:

40000 : w = 2 : 3         (w stands for amount invested by “y”).

Through this equation, we can easily calculate the value of “y”.

To Find

Amount invested by y = ?


Let suppose;

Amount invested by “y” = w

Amount invested by “x” (given) = 40000

Profit ratio (given) = 2:3

Ratio of investment = Profit ratio

40000 : w = 2 : 3

w x 2 = 3 x 40000

w = 120000/2

w = Rs. 60000 answer


X and Y invested in a business. They earned some profit with which they divided in the ratio of 2:3. If X invested Rs. 40000, the amount invested by Y is Rs. 60000.


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