Sohail Earn Twice as Much in the Month of March as in Each of the Other Months of the Year. What Part of His Entire Annual Earnings was Earned in March?

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Sohail earn twice as much in the month of March.

And rest of the months he earns half as compared to his earning in the month of March.

As we know; there are twelve months in a year.

So; Let suppose he earns

  • “y” in January
  • “y” in February
  • “y” in April
  • “y” in May
  • “y” in June
  • “y” in July
  • “y” in August
  • “y” in September
  • “y” in October
  • “y” in November
  • and “y” in December.

Earning in March must be doubled which means “2y”. This gives total earning of Sohail in a year (11y + 2y = 13y) and part of income earned in March would be 2y/13y = 2/13

To Find

Part of earning earned in March = ?


Let suppose he earn “y” in each months of the year other than March.

Earning of 11 months = 11y

Earning of March = 2y

Total earning = 11y + 2y = 13y

Part of earning earned in March = 2y/13y = 2/13 answer


Sohail earn twice as much in the month of March as in each of the other months of the year. 2/13 of his entire annual earnings was earned in March.


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