In a Group of Buffaloes and Ducks, the Number of Legs are 24 More than Twice the Number of Heads. What is the Number of Buffaloes in the Group?

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Let suppose “b” represents buffalo and “d” ducks. Each buffalo has 4 legs (4b) and each duck has 2 legs (2d). So in the group of buffaloes and ducks, total legs will be “4b + 2d” and total heads “b + d”. Now condition of the question says;

4b + 2d – 24 = 2(b + d)

Through this equation, we can easily figure out buffaloes.

To Find

Buffaloes = ?


Let suppose

Buffalo = b

Duck = d

Total legs = 4b + 2d

Total heads = b + d

According to given condition;

4b + 2d – 24 = 2 (b + d)

4b + 2d – 24 = 2b + 2d

4b – 24 = 2b

4b – 2b = 24

2b = 24

b = 24/2

b = 12 answer


In a group of buffaloes and ducks, the number of legs are 24 more than twice the number of heads. There will be 12 buffaloes in the group of ducks and buffaloes.


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