If One-Third of a Tank Holds 80 Litres of Water, then the Quantity of Water that Half of the Tank Hold?

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If One-third of a tank holds 80 litres of water.

Then, half of the tank can hold 120 litres of water which can be figure out as follows.

Let suppose the total capacity of a tank is “y” and given equation shows y/3 = 80 litres of water.

Here we can easily find out the value of y (y = 80 x 3 = 240 litres).

And half of tank can hold; 240/2 = 120 litres of water.

To Find

Quantity of water that half of the tank hold = ?


We are given two quantities here i.e. tank capacity and quantity of water.

Tank Capacity            Quantity of Water

1/3                                           80 litres

1/2                                           y (say)

1/3 is smaller than 1/2 which means capacity of tank is increasing and of course more water can be stored so there is a direct relation.

1/3 : 1/2 = 80 : y

2/3 = 80/y

2y = 80 x 3

y = 240/2

y = 120 litres answer


If one-third of a tank holds 80 litres of water, then the quantity of water that half of the tank hold would be 120 litres.


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