How Many Pieces of 85cm Length can be Cut from a Rod 42.5m Long?

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  • Required length of piece = 85cm
  • The length of a rod is 42.5m.

The length of pieces is given in “cm” (85cm) and length of rod is in “meter” (42.5m) so we will change it into “centimeter” by multiplying it with 100 (because 1m = 100cm).

42.5 x 100 = 4250cm

Now;  dividing 4250 with 85 gives the required answer (4250/85 = 50 pieces which is our required answer).

To Find

How many pieces = ?


Length of rod = 42.5m

42.5m = 42.5 x 100 cm = 4250cm

The required length of piece = 85cm

Total pieces = 4250/85 = 50 answer


50 pieces of 85cm length can be cut from a rod 42.5m long.


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