Daily Dawn News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning | 9 July 2020

Dawn Vocabulary 9 July 2020 | The following words were taken from the Dawn newspaper on July 9, 2020:

Dawn Vocabulary 9 July 2020 | Urdu Meaning & Sentence Examples

Foray (noun)  

حملہ، دھاوا، یورش، لوٹنا، چھیننا

a sudden attack into enemy territory especially to obtain something

Example: The Liberation Army made a foray over militancy camp.

Synonyms: invasion, descent, raid, attempt, incursion, irruption, attack

Antonyms: idleness, abstention

Unmitigated (adjective)  

بے تخفیف، جس میں کمی نہ ہو، انتہائی درجے کا

often describing something bad or unsuccessful that has no good or positive points Or complete

Example: The PIA flight 8303 had unmitigated disaster when it was few miles away from threshold.

Synonyms: absolute, categorical, definite, sheer, unqualified, unadulterated, unconditional, arrant, pure, profound, stone

Antonyms: imperfect, deficient, indefinite

Ostensibly (adverb)  

بظاہر، دکھاوے کے لئے، بناوٹی طور پر

in a way that appears or claims to be one thing when it is really something else

Example: Their invasion was intended to collect evidence ostensibly, but actually they looted all the precious things and took with them.

Synonyms: officially, apparently, seemingly, evidently, putatively, supposedly

Antonyms: unlikely, improbably

Conglomerate (verb)  

جمع کرنا، ڈھیر لگانا

gather together into a compact mass

Example: Conglomerated militants are dangerous and can challenge sovereignty.

Synonyms: assemble, concentrate, cluster, collect, rendezvous

Antonyms: disperse, disband, break up

Communique (noun)  

اعلامیہ، سرکاری اعلان

an official announcement or statement

Example: The FBR communique gave the timeframe of 10 days to declare undeclared assets.

Synonyms: memorandum, notice, report, directive, information, bulletin, release

Antonyms: ignorance, silence

Ensue (verb)  

نتیجہ نکلنا، ظاہر ہونا، واقع ہونا

to happen after something else especially as a result of it

Example: Understanding of Mechanism is mandatory in order to read many reaction that ensued.

Synonyms: emanate, occur, succeed, arise

Antonyms: disregard, cease, neglect

Riven (adjective)  

پھٹا ہوا، ٹوٹا ہوا، شکستہ

violently divided

Example: The two sisters were riven by hatred and parted forever and ever.

Synonyms: divide, tear

Antonyms: combine, unite, fix, assist

Gargantuan (adjective)  

بہت بڑا، دیو قامت، بھاری بھرکم

of tremendous size

Example: At least 4 people are required to lift this gargantuan LCD.

Synonyms: enormous, huge, immense, massive, humongous, gigantic, tremendous

Antonyms: insignificant, little, ordinary

Faction (noun)  

گروہ، بڑی پارٹی، سازشی گروہ، فرقہ، خفیہ سازشی گروہ

a group within a larger group that has different ideas and opinions than the rest of the group

Example: The peace accord was signed between government in Ankara and Kurd factions.

Synonyms: sect, wing, bloc, group, coalition, side, block, party, gang, clan

Antonyms: individual

Prickly (adjective)  

بد مزاج، چڑچڑا، خاردار، کانٹے دار، نوکیلا

Sharp to touch usually pointed

Example: Although teacher found the question prickly but she managed it elegantly.

Synonyms: nettlesome, scratchy, tricky, irritating, knotty, complicated

Antonyms: uncomplicated, simple, clear


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