Daily Dawn Vocabulary 9 February 2021 with Urdu Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms & Sentence Examples

Daily Dawn Vocabulary 9 February 2021 | The following words were taken from the Dawn newspaper on February 9, 2021:

Daily Dawn Vocabulary 9 February 2021 | Urdu Meaning & Sentence Examples

Stir (verb)  

حل کرنا، ملانا، گھولنا، ابھارنا، کسی اقدام پر اکسانا، ہنگامہ، شورش

To mix a liquid or other substance Or to wake up Or begin to move Or take action

Example: She is stirring the egg yolks into the mixture.

Synonyms: agitate, whirl, excitement, uproar, churn, swirl

Antonyms: peace, harmony, quiet, order

Plebiscite (noun)  

ریفرنڈم، رائے شماری

The direct vote of all the members of an electorate on an important public question

Example: The government has passed an ordinance seeking open ballot plebiscite for Senate Elections 2021.

Synonyms: referendum, election, ballot, poll

Antonyms: dictate, martial law

Critic (noun)  

نقاد، تنقید نگار، تبصرہ نگار، حرف گیر، ناقد، نکتہ دان

A person who expresses an opinion of something

Example: Critics say that solution of Kashmir Issue can be sort out by two ways i.e. join Pakistan or join India.

Synonyms: faultfinder, interpreter, castigator,  reviewer, expert, analyzer, criticizer

Antonyms: praiser, complimenter, acclaimer

Stray (verb)  

بلا ارادہ جگہ سے جانا، بھٹک جانا، مٹر گشت کرنا، آوارہ گردی کرنا

To travel along a route that was not originally intended Or to move around

Example: She strayed from the main topic and took 30 minutes extra to finish her lecture.

Synonyms: wandering, roaming, abandoned, trespass, offend

Antonyms: aligned, organize, uniform

Vindicate (verb)

صحیح ثابت کرنے کے لئے دلائل پیش کرنا

to free from allegation or blame

Example:  You can vindicate your claim to this property by showing us the original deed.

Synonyms: acquit, prove, justify, exonerate, clear, corroborate

Antonyms: convict, criminate


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