Daily Dawn News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning | 5 July 2020

Dawn Vocabulary 5 July 2020 | The following words were taken from the Dawn newspaper on July 5, 2020:

Dawn Vocabulary 5 July 2020 | Urdu Meaning & Sentence Examples

Veracity (noun)  

صداقت، راستبازی، سچائی، راست گوئی 

the quality of being truthful

Example: Veracity comforts man and lies kill him.

Synonyms: accuracy, fairness, authenticity, honesty, integrity, sincerity, truthfulness, probity

Antonyms: deceitfulness, untruthfulness, falsehood, dishonesty, mendaciousness, lying

Culpable (adjective)  

قابل گرفت، سزا کا مستوجب، لائق تعزیر 

deserving to be blamed Or considered responsible for something bad

Example: The police found the man culpable of theft.

Synonyms: reprehensible, responsible, blameworthy, guilty, impeachable, reproachable, censurable, blamable

Antonyms: blameless, inculpable, faultless

Repercussion (noun)  

ردعمل، واپس پلٹنا، پیچھے ہٹنا

the consequence of a previous action

Example: Any decrease in tourism could have serious repercussion for the local economy.

Synonyms: fallout, reaction, impact, reverberation, influence, consequence, effect

Antonyms: cause, source, beginning, origin

Expediency (noun)  

ضرورت، مناسبت، مصلحت، حکمت

helpful or useful in a particular situation but sometimes not morally acceptable

Example: The governor saw bribing the senators as an act of political expediency that had to be done.

Synonyms: desirability, wisdom, prudence, advisability, practicality

Antonyms: unwisdom, inadvisability

Sordid (adjective)  

گھٹیا، بد عنوان، برُا، خراب، خستہ حال، گندا، میلا، بے توجہی کا شکار، غلیظ، تنگ دل، کمینہ

very bad Or unpleasant

Example: The sordid bill was disapproved by the National Assembly.

Synonyms: nasty, foul, bad, grimy, vile, begrimed, squalid, muddy, shameful, unclean

Antonyms: clean, reputable, stainless, good, immaculate, descent, elegant, gorgeous

Duress (noun)  

جبر، تشدد، دھونس، دھمکی، سختی، نا جائز تشدد، دباو

threats used to force a person to do something

Example: Judicial commission finally revealed that judge’s decision was biased and taken under duress.

Synonyms: force, hardship, pressure, coercion, constraint, compulsion

Antonyms: liberation, peace, freedom, liberty

Rogue (noun)  

 بد دیانت شخص، حرام خور، بدمعاش، لچا، سرکش، لفنگا، دھوکے باز،  آوارہ گرد کی طرح زندگی گذارنا

a dishonest Or unprincipled man

Example: CTD caught a rogue involved in a lot of mischief.

Synonyms: swindler, devil, brute, rascal, monster, caitiff, crook, scapegrace, cheater

Antonyms: honest, aboveboard, pious, kind

Avert (verb)  

پھیر لینا، وار کو روکنا، ہٹانا، ٹالنا، دفع کرنا، موڑ لینا، روکنا، دور کرنا، بال بال  بچنا

to prevent something bad from happening

Example: Despite many efforts of the pilot, he could not avert the doleful tragedy that took place on May 22, 2020 in Model Colony, Karachi.

Synonyms: prevent, thwart, preclude, stave off, deter, forestall, divert, obviate

Antonyms: assistance, aid, support, help

Appallingly (adverb)  

ہولناک طور پر، خوف زدگی سے، ہولناکی سے

in a way that is shocking and very wrong

Example: Twenty Indian soldiers lost their lives appallingly when they intruded into Chinese territories.

Synonyms: disturbingly, terribly, intensely, disgustingly, seriously, horribly, shockingly, dreadfully, notoriously, desperately, unbelievably

Antonyms: mildly, calmly, trivially

Doctor (verb)  

دھوکا دینا، ملاوٹ کرنا، بدلنا

to change a document in order to deceive people

Example: His defeat in the general election is due to his protruded attitude.

Synonyms: to change, deceive, betray, cheat, disappoint, hoodwink, delude, defraud, swindle, falsify, circumvent, entrap, beguile, mislead

Antonyms: protect, assist, support, honest


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