Daily Dawn News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning | 30 June 2020

The following words were taken from the Dawn newspaper on June 30, 2020:

Dawn Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning | 30 June 2020

Proscribe (verb)

رد کرنا، منع کرنا

to forbid something

Example: Over-speeding in populated areas is proscribed by law.

Synonyms: exclude, prohibit, condemn, enjoin, ban, outlaw

Antonyms: permit, allow, approve, let

Laud (verb)

تعریف کرنا

to praise or glorify

Example: Businessmen increased their salaries in laud of their employees’ hard work.

Synonyms: acclaim, admire, accredit, chair, praise, celebrate, salute, compliment, adore

Antonyms: blame, criticize, denounce, disapprove, knock

Alacrity (noun)

تیزی  ، پھرتی، کوئی کام کرنے کیلئے خوش دلانہ آمادگی

speed and eagerness

Example: The police killed the terrorists with devoted bravery and alacrity.

Synonyms: willingness, amenability, obligingness, promptness, goodwill, cheerfulness

Antonyms: apathy, discouragement, indifference, lethargy, slowness

Concoct (verb)

ایجاد کرنا، منصوبہ کرنا، مرتب کرنا

to make by combining various ingredients

Example: She concocted a stew from the leftovers.

Synonyms: construct, contrive, devise, make, fabricate, manufacture, envision

Antonyms: wreck, demolish, demolish, disorganize, neglect, crush, ruin, overturn, dismantle, flatten, dilapidate, annihilate

Hostage (noun)

یرغمال، وہ شخص جو ضمانت کےطورپر دشمن کے حوالے کیا جائے۔

(somebody) who is taken as a prisoner by an enemy (invader) in order to force the other people involved to do what the enemy wants

Example: The terrorists demanded a helicopter and a plane in exchange for the hostages.

Synonyms: captive, prisoner

Antonyms: captor

Orchestrate (verb)

منصوبہ بنانا، منصوبہ بندی کرنا ، ترکیب میں لانا

plan or coordinate the elements to produce a desired effect Or to organize or plan all of the details of an event

Example: Terrorists orchestrated to hostage the PSX building on June 29, 2020 at Karachi.

Synonyms: organize, plan, arrange, setup

Antonyms: disorganize, disperse

Vortex (noun)

گرداب، بھنور

a force (circular in shape) that pulls things into stream or current Or a dangerous situation in which you become more and more involved and can’t escape

Example: She sucked into vortex of despair when her beauty salon was destroyed in the deadly terrorist attack.

Synonyms: whirlpool, maelstrom, gulf, eddy

Antonyms: calm, peace

Thwart (verb)

ناکام بنا دینا، مقصد پورانہ ہونے دینا

to stop somebody from doing something

Example: Circumstances requiring Iran to setup intelligence-gathering to thwart the activities of insurgency.

Synonyms: curb, hinder, circumvent, checkmate, obstruct, prevent, oppose, counter, baffle, foil

Antonyms: advance, promote, aid, encourage, forward, allow, abet, support, cultivate

Subversive (adjective)


intended to destroy something (especially an established political system)

Example: Subversive network of India through Kulbhushan Jadhav is a clear breach of comity of nation between India and Pakistan.

Synonyms: destructive, riotous, provocative, rebellious, inflammatory, treacherous

Antonyms: obedient, loyal, peacemaking

Pervasive (adjective)

اثر کرنے والا، سرایت کرنے والا، نفوذ کرنے والا، جذب ہونے والا، گھسنے والا

capable of affecting or influencing everything

Example: The influence of Jonathan Swift is pervasive in Gulliver’s Travel.

Synonyms: prevalent, common, extensive, vast

Antonyms: uncommon, rare, scare


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