Daily Dawn Vocabulary 3 February 2021 with Urdu Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms & Sentence Examples

Daily Dawn Vocabulary 3 February 2021 | The following words were taken from the Dawn newspaper on February 3, 2021:

Daily Dawn Vocabulary 3 February 2021 | Urdu Meaning & Sentence Examples

Mere (adjective)  

محض، صرف، فقط

Used to emphasize that something is not large or enough

Example: It cost a mere 10 dollars.

Synonyms: pure, sheer, bare, simple, just

Antonyms: uncertain, enormous, great, fairly large, important, mammoth, immense

Rudderless (adjective)  

بے پتوار، پتوار کے علاوہ، جس پر پتوار نہ ہو، ایک حرکت پذیرراسی آلہ کے بغیرجو پشت پر پانی کے نیچے رہتا ہے، کشتی چلانے اور رخ بدلنے والے آلے کے بغیر

(of an organization) without anyone in control and therefore unable to take decisions

Example: The rudderless third round table conference was concluded without significant decision.

Synonyms: directionless, defective, opaque

Antonyms: oriented, aimed, transparent

Adrift (adjective)  

بے کار، بے راہ، ادھر ادھر پھرنا، بے سمت حرکت کرتا ہوا

Without purpose or direction

Example: The rudderless and adrift meeting of the opposition was concluded without any decision.

Synonyms: afloat, loose, not oriented

Antonyms: oriented, determined, purposeful, stable, stringent

Denouement (noun)

سلسلہ وار واقعات کا عروج، انجام داستان

the ending of a literary work, musical composition, or a sequence of actions

Example:  The play ended with the denouement that left the audience speechless.

Synonyms: climax, result, finale, resultant, ending, windup, conclusion

Antonyms: commencement, opening, start

Rattle (verb)  

پریشان کرنا، خرخراہٹ، کھڑکھڑانا، بے چین کر دینا،

to worry someone or make someone nervous

Example: The villain’s aggressive tone rattled the actress and she asked for a break.

Synonyms: worry,  nervous

Antonyms: prosperous, happy


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