Daily Dawn News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning | 21 July 2020

Dawn Vocabulary 21 July 2020 | The following words were taken from the Dawn newspaper on July 21, 2020:

Dawn Vocabulary 21 July 2020 | Urdu Meaning & Sentence Examples

Glaring (adjective)  

بھڑکیلا، چمکیلا، قابل مذمت، گھورنے والا

used to say that something bad is very obvious

Example: The way in which India poses glaring threats to its neighbors are traditional not new one.

Synonyms: blatant, noticeable, outrageous, patent, striking, conspicuous

Antonyms: concealed, secret, obscure

Evade (verb)  

بچنا، ٹال دینا، بھاگنا، کنارہ کشی کرنا، ٹال مٹول کرنا

to avoid or escape from someone or something

Example: The criminals have so far managed to evade the police.

Synonyms: avoid, scape, conceal, dodge, deceive, sidestep, elude, circumvent, eschew

Antonyms: divulge, expose, reveal, uncover, confront, show, aid, enlighten, disclose

Allegiance (noun)  

حب الوطنی، ملک سے وفا داری، حکومت یا اپنے حاکم کے ساتھ وفاداری، اطاعت ، وفاداری

loyalty and support for a ruler, country, group or belief

Example: The gallant soldiers laid down their lives in the way of allegiance to defend the country.

Synonyms: Attachment, dedication, devotion, faithfulness, homage, fidelity

Antonyms: disloyalty, disobedience

Diaspora (noun)  

وطن چھوڑ کر دوسرے علاقوں میں پھیل جانا، مقامی جگہ سے دوسری جگہوں پر منتقلی

a group of people who spread from one original country to other countries, or the act of spreading in this way

Example: After fleeing the Middle East, a large Muslim diaspora moved to Europe.

Synonyms: exodus, dispersal

Antonyms: gathering

Perennial (adjective)  

دائمی، دیرپا، بار بار ہونے والا

lasting a very long time or happening repeatedly or all the time

Example: The perennial varicocele can be avoided through modern method of embolization.

Synonyms: perpetual, dateless, enduring, persistent, imperishable, seasonal, ageless, eternal, immortal, recurrent

Antonyms: infrequent, intermittent


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