Daily Dawn Vocabulary 2 February 2021 with Urdu Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms & Sentence Examples

Daily Dawn Vocabulary 2 February 2021 | The following words were taken from the Dawn newspaper on February 2, 2021:

Daily Dawn Vocabulary 2 February 2021 | Urdu Meaning & Sentence Examples

Dispensation (noun)  

نظم ونسق اور انتظام کا منصوبہ اور نظام، معافی، استشناء

A political, religious, or social system prevailing at a particular time Or a political or religious system controlling a country at a particular time Or special permission especially from Church to do something that is not usually allowed Or immunity from a law or rule

Example: The Government gave a special dispensation to merger of FATA into KPK.

Synonyms: allocation, disbursement, allotment, issuance

Antonyms: denial, veto

Spike (verb)  

بڑھ جانا، قیمتوں کا بڑھ جانا

To rise to a higher amount

Example: The car prices have spiked to 50 percent in one year.

Synonyms: fasten, prick

Antonyms: release, loosen

Condemnation (noun)  

مذمت، ناپسندیدگی، ملامت، بددعا

The act of condemning something

Example: There was condemnation everywhere over the paper leakage scandal.

Synonyms: disapproval, censure, judgement, accusation

Antonyms: compliment, endorsement

Turf (noun)  

گھاس کی زمین، کارپٹ گھاس، گھاس سے ڈھکی ہوئی زمین

The surface layer of land on which grass grows Or an area regarded as someone’s personal territory

Example: The gymnastic team won the title on their home turf.

Synonyms: grass, soil, lawn

Dysfunctional (adjective)  


Failing to work or behave properly

Example: The prime minister changed and shuffle the portfolios of the dysfunctional ministers.

Synonyms: flawed, deteriorated, debilitated, unfit

Antonyms: functional, working properly


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