Daily Dawn News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning | 19 June 2020

The following words were taken from the Dawn newspaper on June 19, 2020:

Dawn Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning | 19 June 2020

Cloak & Dagger (noun)

(چادر اور خنجر(پراسرار اور جاسوسی والا معاملہ

type of adventure movie or book based on espionage; situation that involves espionage or secrecy, situation when people act in a very secret way when not actually necessary

Example:   Shopping has become a cloak and dagger affair.

Synonyms: suspense, counterespionage, counterintelligence, surveillance

Antonyms: open, overt, calmness, peace

Kickback (noun)


an illicit payment made to someone in return for facilitating a transaction or appointment

Example:   The company paid kickbacks to an agent to win a multi-billion dollar deal.

Synonyms: bribe, payment, payoff, incentive, incitement, instigation, lure, snare, decoy

Antonyms: whole, additional cost, added charges

Burgeon (verb)


begin to grow or increase rapidly

Example:   His company’s business is burgeoning now.

Synonyms: boom, accelerate, enlarge, prosper, multiply, expand, increase, rise

Antonyms: dwindle, decrease, decline, fall, diminish, fade, shrink, lessen

Ram (verb)

کسی بھاری چیز سے مارنا، ٹھونسنا

to hit or push something with force

Example:  She rammed her stick into the ground.

Synonyms: strike, crash, smash, hit

Antonyms: assist, aid, help

Apprehend (verb)

حراست میں لینا، گرفتارکرلینا

to catch and arrest someone who has not obeyed the law

Example:  The MSS (Ministry of State Security) is trying to apprehend the Indian troops.

Synonyms: capture, seize, catch, arrest, charge, hold, grab

Antonyms: free, let go, release, misapprehend

Skimming (noun)

جلدی سے پڑھنے کا عمل، سرسری جائزہ لینا

the action of reading something quickly so as to note only the important points

Example:  She was just skimming through some stylish magazines and saw if something interesting caught her eyes.

Synonyms: browsing, scanning, looking over, rushing, speeding

Antonyms: poring, studying, concentrating

Muck (noun)

کیچڑ، گوبر

mud, dirt or a sticky natural substance such as animal waste

Example:  After she played in the muddy yard, the girl’s boots were covered with muck.

Synonyms: dirt, waste, manure, useless material, dirtiness, garbage, junk, dust, unclean, sewerage

Antonyms: clean, cleanliness

Fester (verb)

وقت گذرنے کیساتھ خراب ہونا

to worsen as time passes

Example:  The wound will fester and become infected if antibiotics are not quickly applied.

Synonyms: smolder, erupt, explode, rust, deteriorate, curdle, decompose

Antonyms: grow, flourish, blossom, develop, multiply, expand

Scot-free (adverb)

محصول اداکئےبغیر نکل جانا

without suffering any punishment or injury

Example:  Although they thought they had got away scot-free, father knew the boys stole the chocolate and was waiting for the right time to punish them.

Synonyms: absolve, commute, unpunished, release, discharge, free of charge, untaxed, free from obligation

Antonyms: taxed, punished, captured

Constraint (noun)

رکاوٹ، پابندی

something that limits one’s freedom of action or choice

Example:  Our national debt places a constraint on our economy’s ability to grow.

Synonyms: restraint, pressure, resistance, opposition, limit, control, restriction, hindrance

Antonyms: consent, permission, freedom, encouragement, release



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