Daily Dawn News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning | 13 July 2020

Dawn Vocabulary 13 July 2020 | The following words were taken from the Dawn newspaper on July 13, 2020:

Dawn Vocabulary 13 July 2020 | Urdu Meaning & Sentence Examples

Regressive (adjective)  

رجعت پسند، واپس جانا، مڑتاہوا

(of tax) lower on large amounts of money, so that the rich are less affected

Example: The tainted, turbulent and regressive policies should be replaced with productive, rational and result oriented tactics to achieve target of tax collection.

Synonyms: counterrevolutionary, reactionary, rigid, obscurantist

Antonyms: progressive, radical, liberal

Cumbersome (adjective)  

بے ڈھنگا، بوجھل، بھاری، بھدا، گراں بار

awkward because of being large, heavy or not effective

Example: Revenue system is cumbersome as it has failed to keep pace with modern technology.

Synonyms: burdensome, clumsy, tiresome, awkward, inconvenient, clunky

Antonyms: convenient, handy, aiding

Hoodwink (verb)  

دھوکہ دینا، چکمہ دینا، آنکھوں میں دھول ڈالنا، فریب کاری سے کام لینا

to deceive or trick someone

Example: The fake insurance company was caught after a meticulous raid who was hoodwinking since 2010.

Synonyms: defraud, bamboozle, mislead, victimize, swindle, bilk, deceive

Antonyms: undeceive, protect, helps

Defunct (adjective)  

ازکار رفتہ، متوفی، مردہ، مرحوم

no longer existing, living or working correctly

Example: The CEO seeking a myriad loan to rejuvenate 10 years old defunct cloth industry.

Synonyms: not functioning, nonexistent, vanished, expired, extinct, bygone, departed

Antonyms: living, existing, alive, extant, operating, functioning, working, valid

Untenable (adjective)  

جو دلیل سے ثابت نہ ہو سکے، نا قابل مدافعت، غیر مستحکم، کمزور، جس کا دفاع نہ کیا جا سکے، جو قائم نہ رکھا جا سکے

not able to be defended Or if a theory or argument is untenable, it cannot be supported or defended against criticism

Example: The implementation of inhuman curfew in Held Kashmir by Indian Authority is untenable act that is against UN General Assembly Resolutions.

Synonyms: indefensible, absurd, unreasonable, unsound, illogical, groundless, incorrect, irrelevant, senseless, unscientific, irrational

Antonyms: correct, logical, reasonable, sensible

Presumptuous (adjective)  

گستاخ، دیدہ دلیر، شوخ، مغرور، بے باک، گمان یا احتمال سے بھرا ہوا

a person who is presumptuous shows little respect for others by doing things they have no right to do

Example: The company is in crisis and dwindling because of presumptuous staff.

Synonyms: foolhardy, pompous, pushy, bold, overfamiliar, pretentious, arrogant

Antonyms: modest, unassuming, cautious

Dismantle (verb)  

پاش پاش کر دینا، اکھاڑنا، گرانا، الگ الگ کر دینا، منہدم کرنا، پھاڑنا، تار تار کرنا، حفاظت سے محروم کرنا، قلعہ میں مورچہ بندی توڑنا، بے لباس کرنا، ننگا کرنا، کپڑے اتارنا، محروم کرنا

to take something apart or pull to pieces

Example: The huge blast at the capital city of Lebanon, Beirut dismantled the port completely on August 4th, 2020.

Synonyms: demolish, disassemble, wreck, take apart, demount, dismount, strike, dismember

Antonyms: construct, assemble, restore, repair

Evasion (noun)  

ٹال مٹول، حیلہ بہانہ، بچ نکلنے کا عمل، حیلہ سازی، رقم واپس نہ کرنا

the act of avoiding or dodging someone or an unwanted event

Example: The president’s speech was full of excuses and evasions and never properly addressed the issue.

Synonyms: avoidance, escape, dodging, eluding, ducking, eschewal, shunning

Antonyms: frankness, openness, directness

Strive (verb)  

کوشش کرنا، جدوجہد کرنا، محنت کرنا، مقابلہ کرنا، تگ ودوکرنا،سخت کوشش کرنا

a very large number of something

Example: PM Imran Khan strived to unveil the real face of Narendra Modi in his speech at UN General Assembly in September 2019.

Synonyms: endeavor, tackle, hump, plug, labor, slog, struggle, travail, drudge, aim

Antonyms: discourage, dissuade, neglect

Compassion (noun)  

رحم دلی، ہمدردی، ترس، دردمندی، خداترسی

a strong feeling of sympathy and sadness for the suffering or bad luck of others and a wish to help them

Example: In this tough and dwindling economy, Pakistan needs compassion and sincere leadership.

Synonyms: feeling, sympathy, benevolence, kindness, tenderness, empathy, humanity

Antonyms: meanness, animosity, cruelty


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