Daily Dawn Vocabulary 11 February 2021 with Urdu Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms & Sentence Examples

Daily Dawn Vocabulary 11 February 2021 | The following words were taken from the Dawn newspaper on February 11, 2021:

Daily Dawn Vocabulary 11 February 2021 | Urdu Meaning & Sentence Examples

Inmate (noun)

کسی پناہ گاہ، قید خانے میں رہنے والا

A person who is kept in a prison

Example:  The inmates managed to escape during the night.

Synonyms: prisoner, convict, internee, detainee, hostage

Antonyms: release, free

Wad (noun)

بڑی تعداد میں، کثیر تعداد میں

A number of usually flat and/or small objects pressed tightly together

Example:  He received the wads of money in compensation.

Synonyms: abundance, packet, dozen, bundle, clump, gobs, volume, yard, deal

Antonyms: scruple, little, strain

Tussle (verb)

کشمکش، گتھم گتھی، ہاتھا پائی کرنا، زور سے دھکیلنایا کھینچنا، لڑائی

An intense argument

Example:  He managed to escape after tussling with a security guard.

Synonyms: struggle, battle, skirmish, clash, fight, combat, contest, clash

Antonyms: truce, peace, accord, calm

Buttress (verb)

سہارا ، پشتہ باندھنا، کسی دیوار کی پشتہ بندی کرنا

To support a building or a structure

Example:  UN Resolutions buttresses the Kashmir’s status a bilateral but India treated it as individual.

Synonyms: support, reinforce, sustain, pillar, dependence, standby

Antonyms: weaken

Sanctity (noun)

تقدس، پاکیزگی، تحریم

The quality of being very important and deserving respect

Example:  Schools never violated the sanctity of the SOPS during second wave of COVID 19.

Synonyms:, saintship, faith, divinity, blessedness,  righteousness, sainthood

Antonyms: unholiness, meanness


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