Daily Dawn Vocabulary 23 December 2020 with Urdu Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms & Sentence Examples

Daily Dawn Vocabulary 23 December 2020 | The following words were taken from the Dawn newspaper on December 23, 2020:

Daily Dawn Vocabulary 23 December 2020 | Urdu Meaning & Sentence Examples

Turbulence (noun)  

کھلبلی،شورش،  ہنگامہ، فساد، اضطراب، ہیجان

A state of confusion without any order

Example: The current government is facing turbulence from opposition since inception.

Synonyms: instability, disturbance, turmoil, unrest, distress, disorder

Antonyms: harmony, stability, quietness, tranquility, order, peace, calmness

Unmitigated (adjective)  

 بے تخیف، جس میں کمی نہ ہو، پرلے درجے کا، انتہائی درجے کا

Being so definitely what is stated as to offer little chance of change or relief

Example: The class teacher blood pressure is  raised due to the unmitigated noise of the children.

Synonyms: complete, entirely, unadulterated, absolute, crashing, sheer

Antonyms: indefinite, imperfect, mixed

Nudge (verb)  

ترغیب دینا، کہنی مار کر اشارہ کرنا

Urge into action

Example: An ongoing campaign regarding the New Private Policy of Whatsapp is nudging us to leave Whatsapp as soon as possible.

Synonyms: dig, bump, touch, push

Antonyms: discourage, repress

Foe (noun)  

دشمن، حریف، بد اندیش، بد خواہ، بیری، مخالف

An enemy

Example: The members of OIC has united against their common foe.

Synonyms: antagonist, opponent, rival, enemy, adversary, hostile

Antonyms: friend, supporter, ally, assistant

Freight (noun)  

ٹرک، جہاز، ٹرین وغیرہ میں لادا گیا سامان

Goods but not passengers transported by truck, train, airplane or ship from one place to another

Example: She procured the freight that was smuggled.

Synonyms: consignment, cargo, transportation, shipment, haul, merchandise, payload, weight

Antonyms: unload, discharge, disburden


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