Tartary, Babul Mandab, Malacca, Hormuz, Korea, Johar, Sunda, Bering, Palk And Tsushima Strait

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  1. Strait of Tartary
  2. Babul Mandab
  3. Strait of Malacca
  4. Strait of Hormuz
  5. Korea Strait
  6. Johar Strait
  7. Sunda Strait
  8. Bering Strait
  9. Palk Strait
  10. Tsushima Strait
  11. Important Information to Remember about Straits

Strait of Tartary


Which Strait separates Russian Island of Sakhalin from mainland Asia?

  1. Gibraltar
  2. Magellan
  3. Tartary
  4. Bass

Strait of Tartary connects Sea of Okhotsk on the North with the ____________ in the South?

  1. South China Sea
  2. Sea of Japan
  3. Red Sea
  4. Yangtze Kiang

Strait of Tartary is located in which ocean?

  1. Atlantic
  2. Pacific
  3. Southern
  4. Indian



Arabia and Africa are separated by __________ ?

  1. Gibraltar
  2. Messina
  3. Babul Mandab
  4. Cook

Babul Mandab connects Persian Gulf with a sea through Gulf of Aden. Indicate that sea?

  1. Colorado
  2. Marmara
  3. Yalu
  4. Red

Which sea is crossed by HAZRAT MUSA (A.S).

  1. Red
  2. Latani
  3. Galilee
  4. Bosporus

Two continents that are separated by Babul Mandab?

  1. Asia, Australasia
  2. Asia, Africa
  3. Asia, Europe
  4. Asia, North America



What is the length of strait of Malacca?

  1. 860 Km
  2. 870 Km
  3. 880 Km
  4. 890 Km

_____________ and ______________ are separated by Malacca.

  1. Singapore, Malaysia
  2. Malaysia, Indonesia
  3. Indonesia, Taiwan
  4. None of these

Choose the longest strait of the world?

  1. Bosporus
  2. Malacca
  3. Tartary
  4. Mozambique

The strait of Malacca connects _________ to the East with the ___________ to the west.

  1. Pacific, Atlantic
  2. Indian, Atlantic
  3. Pacific, Indian
  4. Pacific, Southern

What is the length of strait of Malacca?

  1. 500 miles
  2. 550 miles
  3. 600 miles
  4. 650 miles

Which country shares majority of its sea lane and the enjoys the biggest economic benefits from the shipping activities.

  1. Indonesia
  2. Taiwan
  3. Philippines
  4. Singapore

Name the littoral states of the strait of Malacca.

  1. Singapore, Taiwan, Vatican City
  2. Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines
  3. Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia
  4. Singapore, Malaysia, Maldives

Strait of Hormuz


Only strait that connects Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman which is world’s most strategically important choke point?

  1. Hormuz
  2. Madagascar
  3. Mozambique
  4. Gibraltar

Point out the correct option among the straits where 40% of the world’s oil passes?

  1. Baffin
  2. Cook
  3. Hormuz
  4. Sunda

What is in the north of Strait of Hormuz?

  1. Turkmenistan
  2. Turkey
  3. Saudi Arabia
  4. Iran

Name an exclave of Oman which shares its border with Hormuz?

  1. San Marino
  2. Vatican City
  3. Musandam
  4. Kingdom of Lesotho

Which country share fairly large border with Hormuz?

  1. Saudi  Arabia
  2. UAE
  3. Yemen
  4. Syria

Oman possesses _________ Governorates.

  1. Nine
  2. Ten
  3. Eleven
  4. Twelve

______________ is territory or a part of territory that is entirely surrounded by the territory of another state.

  1. Sound
  2. Exclave
  3. Bit
  4. Channel

When Oman was divided up into 11 Governorate?

  1. October 28th, 2011
  2. September 28, 2011
  3. August 28, 2011
  4. July 28, 2011

Korea Strait


Name the strait that separates South Korea and Japan?

  1. Korea
  2. Sunda
  3. Java
  4. English Channel

The Korea Strait connects which three seas in the North West Pacific Ocean?

  1. East China Sea, Yellow Sea and Sea of Japan
  2. Yalu Sea, South China Sea, Sea of Okhotsk
  3. Java Sea, Arabian Sea and Yellow Sea
  4. Sea of Marmara, Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea

Point out the countries that separated by the Korean Strait?

  1. North Korea, South Korea
  2. China, Japan
  3. Singapore, Indonesia
  4. South Korea, Japan

Together North Korea and South Korea are called?

  1. Strait
  2. Channel
  3. Peninsula
  4. Estuary

Johar Strait


Johor Strait separates which two countries?

  1. Malaysia, Singapore
  2. Singapore, Indonesia
  3. Taiwan, Philippines
  4. China, Taiwan

Sunda Strait


Select the correct option of two Islands that separated by Sunda Strait?

  1. Sri Landa, Saudi Arabia
  2. Sri Lanka, Maldives
  3. Sumatra, Java
  4. Taiwan, Java

Sumatra and Java are belong to _______ ?

  1. Malaysia
  2. Indonesia
  3. Singapore
  4. Taiwan

Point out the largest Island that is entirely located in Indonesia?

  1. Java
  2. Sumatra
  3. Arena
  4. Sicily

Which Island comes at number sixth in terms of area?

  1. Baffin
  2. Davis
  3. Sicily
  4. Sumatra

Bering Strait


Point out the strait that separates Asia from North America?

  1. Bab-ul-Mandab
  2. English Channel
  3. Bering Strait
  4. Bass Strait

What is the job of Bering Strait?

  1. Separates Canada from Russia
  2. Separates Russia from Alaska
  3. Separates China and Korea
  4. Connects North New Zealand and South New Zealand

Name two Continents that is separated by Bering Strait?

  1. North America, South America
  2. Antarctica, Australasia
  3. Europe, Africa
  4. Asia, North America

Palk Strait


Palk Strait separates _______________?

  1. India, Bangladesh
  2. Pakistan, Bangladesh
  3. India, Sri Lanka
  4. Sri Lanka, Maldives

Palk Strait is located in which ocean?

  1. Pacific
  2. Atlantic
  3. Indian
  4. Southern

Tsushima Strait


Who owns the Tsushima Island?

  1. Japan
  2. Taiwan
  3. Korea
  4. People’s Republic of China

____________ separates Japanese Island of Tsushima from its Mainland.

  1. Mozambique
  2. Tsushima
  3. Madagascar
  4. Florida

Things to Remember

  • Strait of Tartary disconnects the Russian Island of Sakhalin from mainland Asia and Connects Sea of Okhotsk on the north with the Sea of Japan on the south.
  • Bab-ul-Mandab disconnects Arabian Peninsula from Africa and joins Red Sea and Persian Gulf. It is a strait that separates Asia from Africa.
  • Strait of Malacca separates Malaysia and Indonesia. It is longest strait of the world with the length of 550 miles which equals 890 in kilometers. It is the main shipping channel between Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean and connects Java Sea to Indian Ocean. It is one of the most important shipping lanes in the world. The Strait of Malacca connects Pacific ocean to the east with the Indian Ocean to the west. Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia are the littoral states of the Malacca Strait. Indonesia controls the majority of sea lane and enjoy the biggest economic benefits from the shipping activities.
  • Strait of Hormuz is the only sea passage from Persian Gulf to open ocean and is one of the world’s most strategically important choke point. Through this strait, 40% of the world oil passes.
  • Korea Strait is a sea passage between South Korea & Japan, connecting the East China Sea, the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan in the northwest Pacific Ocean.
  • Johar Strait separates Malaysia from Singapore.
  • Sunda Strait disconnects Sumatra from Java. Sumatra (North East Indian Ocean) is an island in western Indonesia. It is the largest island that is located entirely in Indonesia and sixth largest in the world.
  • Bering Strait disconnects Alaska from Russia so it separates Asia from North America.
  • Located in Indian Ocean, Palk Strait separates Indian from Sri Lanka.
  • Tsushima separates Japanese Island of Tsushima from its Mainland of Japan.


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