How Many Seconds will a 500 Meter Long Train Take to Cross a Man Walking with a Speed of 3km/h in the Direction of the Moving Train, if the Speed of the Train is 63km/h?

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A 500 meter long train crosses a man who is walking with a speed of 3km/h and the speed of the train is 63km/h.

The direction is same so relative speed will be calculated by subtracting 3km/h from 63km/h.

As, the length of the train is given, so by using speed, distnce, time formula;

Time = Distance/Speed

To Find

Time = ?


Relative speed = 63 km/h – 3 km/h

Relative speed = 60 km/h

Now, to change it into m/sec;

Relative speed = (60 x 1000)/3600

Relative speed = 50/3 m/sec


Speed = Distance/Time

Time = Distance/Speed

Time = (500 x 3)/50

Time = 30 sec answer


A 500 meter long train will take 30 seconds to cross a man walking with a speed of 3km/h in the direction of the moving train.


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