A 300 Meter Long Train Crosses a Platform in 39 Seconds While it Crosses a Signal Pole in 18 Seconds. What is the Length of the Platform?

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A 300 meter long train crosses a platform in 39 seconds while it crosses a signal pole in 18 seconds, the length of the platform will be determined by the formula mentioned here under as;

Total length = speed x time ________ (i)

In the first step, the speed of train can be find out as time and length both quantities are given i.e. length of train = 300 meter and time = 18 seconds

Now, placing the value of speed (which is calculated in the first step) and time (39 seconds) in equation (i); length of platform equals 350 meter.

To Find

Length of the platform = ?


length of train = 300 meter

time required to cross a signal pole = 18 seconds

speed in m/sec = 300/18

speed = 150/9 m/sec

Let suppose

length of the platform = y

so, total length = y + 300

Now, length = speed x time

y + 300 =  (150 x 39)/9

y + 300 = 5850/9

y = 650 – 300

y = 350 meter answer


If a 300 meter long train cross a platform in 39 seconds and a signal pole in 18 seconds, then the length of the train will be 350 meter.


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